There are a couple of things that people generally do not understand about websites. Think of a website like one of your brochures. You have all the information about your company contained within the brochure, but you still need to get the brochure to your client or else he wont have that information at hand. Websites are exactly the same. You need to market a website online so that people will become aware of your domain and in doing so, generate business. The process of such marketing is what we call SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

SEO nowadays works on various factors that contribute to your rankings on search engines such as Google (the most important of all). When developing a website, we keep within the basics of SEO standards and we include META tags. META tags are keywords and phrases that we include into your website and Google then crawls this information to list your webby. Other contributing factors are image names, page names, content of the site, links etc. One of the biggest contributing factors nowadays is social media. This means you should open a Twitter account, A Facebook profile for your business and most importantly write articles that all link back to your website. It's all about how active your website is and how many cross links you can obtain. SEO is a constant progress - it is fine-tuning your website to idling perfection.

All of this information might seem extremely overwhelming, but the good news is that there are people who specialise in this field. Aftershock has worked successfully with a company who can advise you on the best possible routes to market your website and ultimately, drive tons of traffic to your site.

We all know the expression “If you want to pay peanuts, get yourself a monkey” and unfortunately, this saying is very applicable with SEO. In this industry, how much you spend on SEO will directly affect traffic to your site. You could have very low budget campaigns ranging from approximately R 1500 up to R 6000 for a fairly nice campaign on an average webby.

Whichever way you look at it, you can not afford to do a website without marketing it in some form or the other. It would be like buying yourself a new suit and not going out to show it to anyone.


If you would like more information, let us know and we’ll connect you with our specialists to inform you about how this business works in more detail. Working in the IT industry ourselves, we have been astounded with some of the technology available that measures and validates SEO, so when you learn more about this technology, you will no doubt be more educated and more so, prepared to outperform your competitors.

About the Author: Rosika Delport
Aftershock Studios
Rosika is the founder and director of Aftershock Studios. She's been in design and front-end development since way back when the Dead Sea was still critical! Her design approach is simple elegance with an eye for strong abstract lines.