Simply need an online presence without breaking the budget? One-pager sites can be surprisingly beautiful. Sometimes, less is more. But that doesn't mean you need to compromise on the way your company looks online. That’s why One-pagers might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The Benefits of One-pagers

One-pager sites offers a solution that’s ideal for companies who don’t need a lot of information on their website. They’re great to use for company profiles, one-off events, portfolios and product launches.

They feature everything a normal website landing page has to offer – a video or image slider banner, your service offerings, an online form, photo gallery and even a main menu. But instead of navigating you to different pages, clicking on menu items navigate you to different points on your one-pager.

With a minimalist approach in terms of content, it helps your visitor to access information quickly – and ultimately, also act faster. As many of you would agree, the least amount of clicks you need to click or tap, the better, and nothing can be farther away from the truth than with one-pager sites.

Multi-page and eCommerce websites can take a good few weeks to develop. No so with one-pagers. A basic one-pager and online form can be up and running within two weeks under normal agency workloads.

Are One-pagers good for any business approach?

But for companies who have had multi-page websites and have actively nurtured their SEO, switching over to a one-pager could hurt your rankings. Instead of having various pages ranked on Google, you’ll now only have one page. Having said that, if you’ve had a blog running, one-pagers can cater for a blog section along with all the bells and whistles. This means that you effectively don’t have a one-pager per se, but most of what you offer is still presented on a single page plus you’ll have additional blog pages – each with its own unique URL. For businesses who plan on expanding your online profile by creating an eCommerce website, one-pagers are not a suitable starting option as they don’t leave a lot of room for scalability.

Tell your story

In short, it’s a streamlined approach that allows the user to experience your website with one continuous story, comfortably scrolling up and down on mobile devices with no further tapping. More than that, One-pagers are gentle on your wallet – and in these times, who couldn’t do with saving a few cents?

Need some examples? Have a look at these One-pagers we created:

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About the Author: Rosika Delport
Aftershock Studios
Rosika is the founder and director of Aftershock Studios. She's been in design and front-end development since way back when the Dead Sea was still critical! Her design approach is simple elegance with an eye for strong abstract lines.